Filic Express Services

Over The Road

Our experienced driver base, with retention levels well above the industry average, sets us apart from our competitors.

Our driver database is divided according to the experience of the drivers and their knowledge of individual routes and the specific cargo they transport.

Expedited Teams

Whether you need one way, round trip, or dedicated service, Filic Express Team can handle your expedited needs.

Our integrated team with many years of experience knows the most efficient ways to achieve your transport as quickly as possible.

Dedicated Services

Our services focus on private fleet conversions, fleet supplementation, and engineering.

For your every need, we have a dedicated team member who will fully devote himself to your request. You just need to tell us your requirements in detail.


24 hours, 7 days in week, 365 days in year, real-time proof of delivery. You can count on us. Computerized dispatching, tracking and billing for accuracy.

Our software recognizes your requests and over time knows how to redirect your request in the most efficient way for the fastest realization.

Exclusive Vehicles

If your product needs an exclusive use vehicle, the truckload services of Specialty Freight are here to help. We are a time-definite and licensed company.

If you are our regular client, over time you can request special conditions, special vehicles and special drivers that you think can best fulfill your request.


Our fleet management system enables our brokers to track deliveries using satellite technology.

Our tracking is LIVE 24/7, and active once the load is booked. This system enables our brokers to reduce their cost for various tracking fees by relying on our tracking link.

Why Choose Filic Express

We are dedicated to provide quality service

Not only because there is no better rate for drivers on the market, but also because there are no better working conditions for drivers on the market. We have experience and know how to do this job efficiently.


The Best Rates

Thanks to long-term cooperation with our brokers as well as an efficient software system, we are able to offer our drivers the best possible rate of earnings on the market.


The best working conditions

Our many years of experience have shown us that one of the most important items is driver satisfaction with working conditions. This includes 24/7 customer support on and off the road.


Many Locations

The ease of use of our systems is made possible by software that we have been developing for many years. For this reason, the system is filled with offers from all of the states accros US, so drivers are almost always engaged.

Get Our App

Filic Express App is Exclusive to our fleet

Upon being approved by our recruitment officer, Filic Express will generate username and password login unique to your assigned unit number with which you will gain exclusive access to our app.