About Filic Express

We deliver whenever and wherever you need it!

Our dispatchers continually monitor and track your shipments from pick up until delivery.

Our goal is to deliver excellence in all that we do. At a time when others are moving to asset lite models, we are committed to running assets in networks, which gives you reliable capacity with an excellence of service unsurpassed in the industry.

  • We can provide you the level of customer service you deserve.
  • We believe in hiring the best people in the industry and empowering them to create solutions for our customers.
  • We attract and retain the best drivers in the industry.
The technology we employ is focused on enhancing your service experience.
If you are a prospective customer or driver, thanks for taking the time to learn more about us, we encourage you to give us a try.

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Why Choose Filic Express

We are dedicated to provide quality service

Not only because there is no better rate for drivers on the market, but also because there are no better working conditions for drivers on the market. We have experience and know how to do this job efficiently.


The Best Rates

Thanks to long-term cooperation with our brokers as well as an efficient software system, we are able to offer our drivers the best possible rate of earnings on the market.


The best working conditions

Our many years of experience have shown us that one of the most important items is driver satisfaction with working conditions. This includes 24/7 customer support on and off the road.


Many Locations

The ease of use of our systems is made possible by software that we have been developing for many years. For this reason, the system is filled with offers from all of the states accros US, so drivers are almost always engaged.

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Filic Express App is Exclusive to our fleet

Upon being approved by our recruitment officer, Filic Express will generate username and password login unique to your assigned unit number with which you will gain exclusive access to our app.